Friday, December 9, 2011

The Return of the Baking-Jedy

Months ago I said that I will post on my "Le Cordon Bleu" course and I didn´t. Well, they say better late than ever …. So here I am!!!

At the beginning of the summer I joined LCB to attend the basic level of the Pastry Chef Diploma. I had a lot of expectations. I wanted to learn, from professional chefs, how to bake things, as simple and complicated at the same time, as croissants, brioche or charlotte cake… the bases of French baking. I also wanted to know much of a baker I had in me. Is this something that I want to make a career of?

Overall, I can say that mi time at LCB was fantastic. The facilities are amazing. The kitchens have every sort of tool that you can think of. Everything is spotless, and this is one of the big lessons. About the chefs, is such a pleasure to see the difficult techniques done in such a talented and gracious way.

I have also meet very nice people. Those people have a real passion for baking. This takes me to “the baker in me”.

Reality is that I do not see myself in bakery baking for living. I love baking, but baking at home, for family and friends. For the fun of it! And I love baking simple, innocent, comforting goods despite the fact that now I have the skills for a more challenging recipes.

So if you are thinking of joining the school I highly recommend it! The only negative is that from the first tasting with the chefs, you will think that any dessert in any restaurant is just not good enough!!!:-)

On another note, I am coming back to blog-land. I think I have figured out what do I want to tell and how to express it in images. This is going to be a big exercise of organization. I hope you have a little patient ….

By the way …. So happy to be back!!!


Isabel said...

Mariola, paisana!!! por fin te dejas ver, se te ha echado de menos!!! ;)

muydulcevinuesa said...

Que ilusión tenerte otra vez por aqui!!!!!!
Seguiremos disfrutando de tus recetas y de tus fotografias!!!!!
Besos. said...

Finally you're back!!
I've missed you so much...

Monica said...

Welcome Back!!! I miss your posts. Fue genial verte ayer y ponernos al día :-) Me encantan las fotos de tus tartas de Le Cordon Bleu y la verdad que fue genial compartir contigo el curso de Básico. Ya te contaré que tal el examen y el curso superior.
Por cierto, si antes ya era bastante crítica con las cosas que venden por allí fuera, tanto en pastelerías como en restaurante, ahora es que es horrible jajaja ;-P

Cocina de nuestro tiempo said...

Que bien lo pasamos ayer¡¡ como disfrute
Me ha encantado tu blog, es ideal y está super apetecible.
animate y no dejas de contarnos cosas.
Yo vendre por aqui para leer todo.

Rhea said...

Welcome back!

I look forward to reading what you will be up to, both in the kitchen and home make-overs.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.