Thursday, October 14, 2010

Honey ... Beautiful Honey

Every time that I heard or read in the news about the challenges that bees are facing two thoughts come to my mind. The first one is a concern about what we are doing to this world. The second one is for Roberto and his bees.

Roberto is this very nice guy that lives in the same village where I have my country house in Asturias and has a fantastic passion: Bee-keeping. Roberto has five beehives that he keeps with care and dedication. When the time comes, Roberto “harvest” the honey as some kind of precious gold.

I enjoy very much talking to Roberto and bombarding him with a thousand questions that he patiently answers.

Since I know about Roberto’s bees, I have become a regular customer of his glorious honey and a “supporter” of his bees. I have made sure that my garden is bee-friendly. I grow bee’s favorites flowers and plants. marigolds, poppies, roses, gladioli, lavender, sage, mint …

Every time I see the bees “at work” I can help smiling. My garden is a “little paradise” for them …. And I am happy for that. I use honey as much as I can. In my yogurt, tea, sauces, baking …. Everywhere!!!

Just think that honey is good for you and bees are good for all!


Juana said...

Me he armado un lio con el traductor, así que con mi ingles básico he leido como he podido..aunque te puedo confirmar que las fotos son preciosas!!!!
Mil besos y gracias por visitarme!!!

Mariola said...

Gracias a ti!! Me gusta mucho lo que haces y como lo cuentas! Saludos!

koiki_ce said...

I love Roberto's Honey!!!

Mariola said...

Hi K! isn´t it the best honey ever? I love it too!