Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feta Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatos Scones and Frustations

I have been seriously thinking about weather I should upload this post or not. We always speak about the pleasure of cooking this, baking that and eating all! The creative process of creating a picture is, at least for me, fun and challenging.

This time I want it to share with you my frustrations. That I am going through a creative –photographic crisis is obvious. You just need to take a look at the pics. And to prove that this is not some kind of self-suggestion-drama I wanted you to “enjoy” this post.

Since in my apartment the light is not great, I decided to get all my food and gadgets and go out to find a place to take the pictures. I though that the club where I ride was a perfect place.

So there I was ready with my camera. I take one picture …. And the camera dies. I have to admit that for a second I freaked out. Me in the middle of a paddock taking pictures to my scones and he camera dies!!! What did I do? I took my phone. Which, by the way is not last generation, and took the pictures you see here.

The only thing I can say, apart from sorry for the pics, is that the scones are delicious. The recipe is from the “The Baking Photo Cookbook” application for IPad.

I will post the recipe very soon!!!


Isabel said...

Vaya historia que has tenido con las fotos...
Tienen un aspecto de lujo!

nuska said...

Ja ja, también Velazquez tuvo malas rachas..!Bss.

Ingrid said...

Mariola tranquila!! a mí, aunque no te lo creas tb me pasa, porque como utilizo luz natural, cuando no hay sombras no hay luz y es todo un deafío.... :)
A mí me gustan mucho tus fotos ya uqe la técnica y la puesta en escena es exquisita.Tanto como tus scones!!
Muchos Besoss

Juana said...

Mariola!!!, a veces parece que el destino quiere jugar con nosotros y nos fastidia!!!...tranquila, tus fotos no están nada mal!!, y por otra parte, muchas veces los que venimos a verte valoramos muchas mas cosas de tu blog...entre ellas, a ti!!!!!!
Asi que ánimo!!!!!!!!...las fotos las hiciste a las 12 del mediodía???, es que yo a esa hora no doy una foto potable!..para mi mejor la tarde o la mañana temprano!!
Besitos linda Mariola!!!

Amparo said...

Pues a mi me parece que las fotos están muy bien, además lo importante es la receta y esta parece estupenda.
Un abrazo.

Mariola said...


Hola Isabel. Lo mio con la camara es como lo tuyo con la panificadora ... puro sufrimiento! bsss

Nuska poniendolo de esa manera me lo tomo con mas calma! gracias por pasarte . bsss

Querida Ingrid, supongo que esto son "growing pains"... paciencia que es la madre de la ciencia! muchas gracias por tus animos!!!! bssss

Amparo me gusta que eres super practica ! y siempre sabes que decir!! muchas gracias!!! bssss

Juana!!!!!!! despues de leer tu comentario solo se que ocurre mandarte un abrazo super fuerte y darte las gracias de todo corazon. bssss

Tengo un horno y sé cómo usarlo said...

Sure, I can imagine you and feel your frustration.
Before I found a properly iluminated place at home for the photos, my husband catched me on top of the tube taking pictures of food under the loo window. I have never seen him laughing so loudly along the corridor!
Take a deep breath, relax, and take it easy.

Mariola said...

I just can imagine your husband! When I am in Asturias and I prepared my food and props my grand-aunt looks at me like I am nuts! Which probably I am!!
Thanks for your words and for stoping by!

Mariola said...
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