Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ladureé Madeleines

From all the things that I miss from traveling there is one that I miss the most: Paris.

I don’t even know how many times I have been in Paris, but every time I get to the city I get amazed of how beautiful the city is.

I have always enjoyed Paris, but the best time was when my friend Iva and I walked the city scouting for new ideas. Iva has a great eye for fashion and visiting stores and cool spots was always great fun.

Iva and I share another passion: Ladureé. Breakfast at Ladureé at Place de la Madeleine was a must. What can I say about those croissants or pain au raisins, with a glorious café au lait? The best way to start the day.

Our Ladureé “experience” continued during the day. After our meetings with clients, preparation of buy-plans … there were always time for a break and some macarons.

I usually bake these wonderful madelaines. They remind me so much of the breakfast at Ladureé with Iva. This recipe is from the Ladureé book “Sucré”. The book is beautiful and the pictures simply gorgeous. It really captures the essence of the French house.

I hope you like it!!


Serves 24 madeleines

2 Lemons

160 gr caster sugar

175 gr all porpoise flour + 20 gr for the mold

10 gr baking powder

180 gr butter + 20 gr for the mold

4 eggs

35 gr honey


The dough needs to be prepared a day in advance.

Grate the zest two lemons. In bowl mix the zest of the two lemons with the sugar. In other bowl, sieve the flour and the baking powder.In a small saucepan melt the butter.

Beat the eggs together with the lemon zest, sugar and the honey until the mix becomes a bit foamy. Next add the flour-baking powder mix and whisk. Finally add the melted butter and mix until well incorporated.

Save the dough in the freezer in an air–tight container minimum 12 hours.

The next day, melt 20 gr of butter and with a brush paint the madeleines molds. Place the molds in the freezer for 15 min until the butter firms. Sprinkle flour and remove the excess.

Preheat the oven at 200ºC. fill the molds ¾ of the capacity. Bake them during 8 to 10 min, until the madeleines are golden. Let the madeleines cool before removing them from the mold.


dadá said...

Se ven exquisitas esas madeleines.

J. said...

He visto muchísimas veces la receta de las madeleines y jamás la he hecho... El caso es que viendo las tuyas me entran unas ganas tremendas de meterme en la cocina para hacer unas cuantas... ;) Me apunto la receta.

Amparo said...

Mariola, te han quedado fenomenal. Nunca he preparado yo este tipo de magdalena.
Un abrazo.

Mariola said...

Hola a todas!! Graciaspor vuestros comentarios!! Me alegro que os gusten las madeleines! Salen tan esponjosas que merece la pena hacerlas. Besos

Juana said...

Mariola, que preciosas madalenas!!. anoto la receta y el libro que me ha tentado muuuucho!!!
Gracias por visitarme preciosa y mil besos!!!!

Mariola said...

Hola Juana!!! Mil besos para ti!!! M

dadá said...

Cuando puedas pásate por mi blog que tienes un regalito.

Mariola said...

Dadá que ilusion !!!!! Gracias y muchas feleicidades para ti!! besos