Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Therapy

When my cousin told me about writing a blog, I new I did not want to have another blog just with recipes. Let´s face it: I like cooking but I am not a professional.

I though it was more interesting to tell why I cook, what I cook and how it makes me feel.

Cooking, and specially baking, has on me a kind of a therapeutic effect. After a long trip, a crazy day at work or any up and down .... going to the kitchen simply brings my feet on the ground.
When there is nothing sure I know for sure that flour, butter, buttermilk and milk make delicious biscuits.

My favourite recipes are simple,tasty and cosy ..... like the important things in life, right? Don´t expect crazy fancy food!!

I hope you enjoy my trips, my tips (if I might) and mostly my cooking!


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Jorge said...

Hola prima!!

Ya he enredao un poco y puedo comentar.